Terms & Conditions

Terms upon which lessons are offered.

1. Your child will receive between 10-12 lessons per term (please see invoice for exact details). You shall receive an invoice for each term’s fees before the beginning of each term and payment is due by the date given on the invoice and at the latest before lessons begin. If we have not received payment by the second complete week of term, we reserve the right to withhold further lessons until the account has been settled.

2. If your child misses a lesson we shall not be bound to make up that lesson or to provide you with a refund or alternative lesson. If Starlight Stars needs to cancel a lesson, we may re-arrange the lesson or give you a refund. Any refund will be discounted from your next invoice or a payment arranged via bank tranfer if you are not due an invoice for the following term.

3. If you wish to discontinue your child’s lessons, you must give us half a term’s written notice and we must receive that notice by the first day of term or the first day after half term. If you do not give us the correct notice you will be charged for a further term’s fees.

Photo Consent

I give/I do not give permission for my child to have photos or videos taken by Starlight Stars tutors for marketing purposes.

I understand and will adhere to the terms upon which lessons are offered.