Check out our Starlight Stars parent and student testimonials!

Rising Stars (14-18yrs) & Private Singing Parent (Monday and Tuesday SPCC)

My Daughter has attended Starlight for the last 14.5 years in one class or another, she first started by doing a short summer course which she enjoyed so much and has never looked back since.  Starlight have helped her gain confidence and take her from a child who would get upset at school if she was asked a question to one who has now performed in countless local shows and TV programmes.

The Starlight Stars team have always been understanding and encouraging every step of the way and always gone that extra mile which you don’t always find at some drama schools, but most importantly they have always kept the classes fun for everyone and every ability, whilst producing a great environment in which to learn and progress.


Rising Stars (14-18yrs) Parent (Monday SPCC)

All of my children (I have many!) have attended a number of different Starlight Stars lessons for a number of years.  They all LOVE it!

Thursday nights in our house remind me of Friday nights when I was a teenager… listening to the children getting ready to go to Starlight Stars is so much fun! They are all full of energy, buzzing with chat and excitement and full of anticipation about the fun they will have in that night’s session and often there is a quick dance practice in the kitchen before we leave!

What do they get out of it all?  They get friendship, a space for their creative expression, exercise, mental stimulation (learning lines can be challenging, but so can learning the steps of the latest dance!) the challenge of performing on stage in front of an audience, confidence, camaraderie and most of all they get fun!

If I told my children they couldn’t go to Starlight Stars any more, I think they would pay for themselves to go!

Clare, Mum of 3


Shooting Stars (7-10yrs) Parent (Monday SPCC)

My daughter has been attending Starlight Stars for over 6 years, since she was 3 years old. In that time, I have watched her grow from a precocious toddler into a confident, able young lady. The instructors caring nature, enthusiasm and endless creativity always shines through, encouraging my daughter to do her very best. She loves attending the fun, friendly and well-run classes- always leaving with a smile on her face.

She has taken part in three shows at Hertford Theatre and they have been a wonderful experience for her, and a pleasure to watch. The business is well organised, with quick and clear communication. I hope we continue to be part of the Starlight Stars family for many years to come.


Street Stars (7+yrs) Parent (Thursday SPCC)

My Daughter has been attending Starlight Stars from the age of 5 (she is now 9) in the Performing Arts class (now called Shooting Stars). She has just recently moved to Street Dance because she loves dancing and thoroughly enjoys attending these classes.

In the past my Daughter has had great fun being involved in 2 big shows at Hertford Theatre as well as 2 smaller shows in the local community centre.

The classes are made enjoyable and Interesting by the very encouraging teachers who work so well with the children to increase their confidence and allow them to express themselves in a really nurturing way.

Thank you on behalf of both myself and my Daughter.


Rising Stars (14-18yrs) (Monday SPCC)

My eldest daughter has been attending Starlight Stars for 4 years now, both in singing and performing arts groups. She was reluctant to join for a couple of years because she was very shy. It was only when she watched her younger sister perform in a short end of term piece that she decided to ‘give it a go’.
Alex and Ali both worked with her to encourage and build her confidence over time, persuading her to sing solo and act in front of audiences at various events.
What a difference in a few short years!
Outside of Starlight Stars, my daughter is now first to volunteer to perform at music and drama events at her school, is far more vocal and participative in class and has a real ‘can do’ attitude to trying new things in general.
Thank you Starlight Stars for helping Izzy find her confidence. I highly recommend your classes!


Bright Stars (11-16yrs) (Monday SPCC)

My daughter enrolled at Starlight Stars Baldock branch a year ago and during this time I have watched her confidence and talent grow both in terms of musical theatre and her schooling.

Starlight Stars students are taught the craft of performance, theatre skills, how to work as team, commitment and finally and more importantly for Alice, a real sense of self belief and being part of a family.

Watching Alice perform in end of term performances and a major showcase made me cry with pride.

The most glowing statement I can give is for Alice school holidays are no longer a thing she looks forward too, because she misses her friends and teachers at Starlight Stars. She really has been made to feel like she has a second home!