“With more and more people hooked on their devices and texting, we thought it very important that our daughter participate in speech lessons to develop her communication skills and raise awareness of how she presents herself. Amongst her peers and adults it is clear that she has gained confidence to express her views in a concise and articulate manner. She is not afraid of public speaking and she is proud of her accomplishments as a speaker. Every school should offer these lessons. ”
Parent, The Stephen Perse Foundation

“I have thoroughly enjoyed LAMDA lessons this year with Exam Stars, because they helped me gain confidence in my speech. They have also been extremely good fun. I have managed to strengthen my enunciation because of these lessons and I think the valuable lessons I have learnt over the year will be useful to me in the future.”
Student, The Stephen Perse Foundation

“The lessons have definitely improved her elocution and confidence with spoken word and I hope she will continue to flourish.”
Parent, St Edmunds Prep School

“The LAMDA classes are an exciting and vibrant part of our children’s curriculum. They are carefully taught by Exam Stars to help develop skills and confidence in public speaking and give the children a genuine sense of pride and achievement.”
Mr S Cartwright, Headteacher

“Our daughter has been studying drama with Exam Stars and has grown in confidence tremendously…”
Parent, The Stephen Perse Foundation

“Alexandra’s commitment and enthusiasm towards my daughter is outstanding. She has helped to develop my daughter’s self confidence in all aspects of her life and equipped her with the skill set to showcase her talents on the stage with pride.”
Parent, St Edmund’s College

“I am happy to say that the lessons have been superb. Not only do they develop confidence for speaking in public, the skills taught by you are transferable across the entire curriculum making the lessons a win/win option.”
Parent, St Edmund’s College




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