As part of Starlight Stars, Exam Stars are a dedicated team of tutors that teach Performance and Communication subjects. Lesson are taught to solo, duo or small groups within the day at school.

We follow the syllabus of The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) which includes the option for students to enter examinations. We are proud to have 100% examination pass rate and we are registered as a Private Examination Centre so your pupils wouldn’t need to travel far to enter an exams or they can take place during the day at their school.

The LAMDA syllabus offers a variety of examinations in: Performance (Acting, Devising Drama & Mime), Communication (Speaking Verse and Prose, Reading for Performance & Public Speaking) and Musical Theatre. These subjects develop a broad range of life skills that will support children in the future, including:

• Improved confidence in speaking, listening and answering questions
• Expanded vocabulary and give greater fluency
• Ability to receive feedback constructively
• Enhance self-expression and increased ability to memorise and recall information

These critical skills will enhance the learner’s self-confidence to engage and contribute fully, whether at school, in further education (students will also gain UCAS points from grade 6 onwards), in work, or in the community: in other words, empowering an individual to fulfil their potential.

Lessons generally take place during the school day but can be offered at lunch or after school if preferred. Lesson times during the school day are put on a rotation system so there is always minimum disruption to the academic timetable. Our tutors understand how busy schools can be so as long as the students are keen to learn and there is a space available to conduct the lessons, the rest is up to us. We aim for our lessons to be hassle-free for the school staff, so all administrative tasks are left in our hands.